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Team bippy met in the summer of 2018 at an entrepreneurial program at MIT. Bonded by our shared passion for education innovation, we strived to find a way to address students with learning differences. Our diverse interests in social robotics and education equity brought us to Bippy: a robot that helps elementary school kids with ADHD focus on homework through reminders and incentives. Our individual skills in software development, engineering, marketing and operations make us the perfect team to tackle this challenge. We are international - with team members in California, Georgia, and China. But our diligence and commitment outweighs any national boundaries. To find out more about weekly progress and updates subscribe to our newsletter and check out our social media!

Kevin Yao Mechanical Engineer

Varsha Nekkanti Finances/Business Development

Maanit Madan Software Engineer

Divya Ganesan Marketing/Business Development

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