By: Varsha Nekkanti


Based on our primary market research, largely with moms of children with ADHD and health professionals, we decided on a select list of features to incorporate in our first rendition of Bippy.


Feature #1: App Connection (Incentives and Task Management). Our robot, Bippy, will be connected to an IOS application that will be managed by the parents. The purpose of this app is to allow parents to input tasks that their child needs to work on, and the time period that the child has to complete each task. These tasks will then be relayed to the child through the robot. Additionally, parents can add incentives on the app for the child to work toward a larger goal when completing his or her homework.


Feature #2: Camera. The camera on Bippy allows the student to indicate completion of a task. Once the student is ready to “submit” their task, he or she would click the button on Bippy and then proceed to hold up his/her paper to the camera. This picture would then be relayed back to the app, where the parents can confirm that the assignment was adequately completed. This feature was incorporated primarily to create a sense of accountability for the child and to allow the parent to stay involved in their child’s life.


Feature #3: Reminders. Based on the task that is inputted in the app by the parent, reminders will be relayed to the child periodically to ensure that the child stays focused. These reminders will range from being indications of the task that the child should be working on, questions to check the progress of the child, and checks for understanding.


Feature #4: Lighting System. The lighting system will be featured on the robot so that the child can directly see it. Essentially, a green, yellow, or red light will be displayed on the robot to indicate progress. Based on how closely the child is sticking to the timings allocated by the parent through the app, a different color will be displayed. The underlying purpose of the lighting system is to have a form of visual cues to instigate focus.


We are planning to test these features and make changes accordingly based on the outcome of these tests in the next few months.