By: Varsha Nekkanti

Elementary school children, especially students with ADHD, face the constant struggle of staying focused when completing their school work at home. Attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder is a learning disability that affects the attention span, impulses, and memory of an individual, thus serving as a barrier for students with this disability both in and out of the classroom. Upon speaking to mothers of children with ADHD, we found that children with ADHD struggle to have confidence in their abilities, stay focused on classroom instruction, learn in a style that is tailored to their needs, strengthen their social skills, and fit in with their peers.

Within the school environment itself, some children with ADHD have personalized instruction and learning due to 504 plans (plans vary by school). However, in their work environment at home, elementary school students do not have the same level of support from their teacher, making it difficult to complete homework. In the eyes of working parents, ensuring that their child with ADHD stays focused on his or her tasks is overwhelming, especially with their already overbooked schedule. From this specific problem, Bippy was derived.

Bippy, your focus companion, is a robot that utilizes incentives and periodic reminders to help that children with ADHD stay focused on their homework and parents of children with ADHD stay updated with the child’s work progress. Often times, students with ADHD are extremely capable and have the necessary knowledge to finish their work–however, they forget the task they are supposed to be working on. As a result of this, mothers of kids with ADHD emphasized the importance of constantly reminding their children to complete their work. Additionally, one tactic that is effective in promoting focus is using incentives. By providing motivation for the child to complete their work, they are more likely to stay focused on their work and finish it in a timely manner.

Essentially, our company strives to improve the educational experience for children with learning disabilities. And Bippy is our means of doing so. We hope that our product can help children with ADHD across the nation stay focused on their work, feel confident in their abilities, and enjoy their school experience.